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I'm Back
Wednesday, December 24, 2014 • 2:15 AM • 0 Comment here !

Hello peeps.. Dah berapa tahun aku tak on blog nihh.. I just wanna say that I'm back, ok..Tak lebih daripada tu.. This is ridiculous.. Why i say like that?? Because i think i should stop for waiting him maybe.. Oh damn!! Why i meet him in Labuan.. Whatever lahh.. I still have my friends and i'm not live with friends forever.. How could he do that for me?? Emm..Ape yang aku merepek ni siakk..haha
He just gone. Just forget him! Ok. Let me try it. i pray for you and hope you will be fine with your first flight alone. :) And i wish i can see and talk toyou again.

My New Year
Saturday, January 18, 2014 • 12:00 AM • 1 Comment here !

Hello peeps. Since past year, aku dah jarang update kan.. I'm so sorry a lot to my readers. You know i'm busy right now kan..
Heheww..( macam ade je orang nak baca bog aku)
well.. Do I care?? hohoho

New Year?? Sebut pasal New Year kan..Hmmm... Kelas baru,cikgu baru, dorm baru, dapat classmate baru, BF baru.. ehh..takde lahh..hahaa..Just kidding.. well.. Aku takde nak bebel panjang-panjang macam biasa sebab aku nak tengok cerita My Love From Another Star..Best kot drama nie.. Drama Korea lerr.. Kepada Kpop HATERS, do I care?? haha..

p/s : Malam nie Maharaja Lawak Mega tak berapa best macam selalu. :D


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